openjfx 11

  1. C

    B4J Question [Solved] jCharts with OpenJDK 11 - can't display negative values on Stacked Bar Chart

    I can't get the Stacked Bar Charts of jCharts to display negative values when running with java 11 (OpenJDK 11). It works OK under Java 8. To test it I've gone back to the original examples posted by Informatix (Charts2 from I changed...
  2. LWGShane

    B4J Question New Packaging Tool in development.

    It seems that work on a new packaging tool for JavaFX is being developed and will be compatible with JDK 11 / OpenJFX 11.
  3. LWGShane

    Wish Expand Hosted Builder Service to Desktop apps?

    Now that B4J supports OpenJFX 11, would it be possible to expand the current "B4i Hosted Builder" service to start supporting creating packages for Mac and Linux desktop apps? This would enable us to create "native" executables for those platforms without having access to them.