1. T

    Android Question B4XDialog crash on android 8.1

    As per title... It's crashing on dialog.TitleBar.Height = 10%y but only on my Oreo device (also test on android 10 and 13 devices) Using B4A 11.8, XUIViews library version 2.55 Dim dialog As B4XDialog Dim input As B4XInputTemplate Dim xui As XUI Dim...
  2. I

    Android Question Sticky Service not working on Android 8.0

    I have a Sticky Service that needs to be up all the time but doesn't restart itself when target SDK is 26. I did read the thread on Android 8.0 but still have some doubt regarding this. Firstly, here is what my app does: It runs a service that has a FileObserver monitoring a particular folder...
  3. rleiman

    Android Question Notifications seem to work differently in Oreo

    Hi Everyone, All of my apps are using this coding to display a notification that lets the user know the app is running in the background. The coding was working correctly on my test phone running Android 7. In the Starter module: In the Process_Globals: Private nNotify As Notification...
  4. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Can't connect to B4A-Bridge with Android Oreo

    Hi Everyone, I had an automatic upgrade to my phone so it now runs Android Oreo. B4A-Bridge will not connect to the GUI any more. Looks like Google added more headaches for everyone. Are you also having the same issue? Have you figured a work-around? Thanks.
  5. M

    Android Question Change in Oreo

    hi everyone! I have a project in which I use the following code to detect when you have the focus or not on a button. but in android oreo never triggers the routine, is there any change in this version? Sub SetUpOnFocusListener(Button As Button, EventName As String) FocusButton(Button)...
  6. G

    Android Question Copy from download folder in OREO

    My app has need to copy a file from the downloads folder. This works fine except with Oreo. Is this a fuction of this android version or a function of my Oreo device (Huawei P20)? I am using <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="19" android:targetSdkVersion="26"/> The move code that I am...