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    Android Question Osmdroid map not showing after changing phone

    Just changed my phone from a Samsung S9 to a Samsung S10. Application data is on a SD card and this card has moved from the old to the new phone. Main data is in a SQLite file on the SD and this works all fine. Map data is in the form of another SQLite file on the SD card: Galaxy...
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    Android Question How to change icon whith OSMDROID library

    Hello I want to change "person" icon by "direction_arrow" icon when i use OSMdroid library : SimpleLocationOverlay1.SetMyLocation3(MapPanel.GetCenter). I try to change the .PNG file in directory : objects\res\drawable-nodpi but whitout success. Pegman is always here !!! Thank you for your...
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    Android Question Mobac Custom Mapsforge zoom level 19

    Using OSMDroid 4.1 and made a map of a small area in the UK with Mobac and Custom Mapsforge. Specified zoom levels are from 12 to 19. Format of the map file is OSMDroid SQLite, so file extension is .mbtiles. This is the data in the table metadata in the map file: name value bounds...
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    Android Question BitmapDrawable cannot be converted to Bitmap

    Need a circular marker with a specified colour for an Osmdroid markeroverlay and thought I could do it like this: Sub Globals() Private bmpPatientMarker As BitmapDrawable End Sub Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean) bmpPatientMarker.Initialize(TextToBitmapDrawable("O", 24...
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    Android Question OSMDroid get geopoints from PathOverLay

    Using OSMDroid 4.1. It looks there is no way to get the geopoints (OSMDroid_GeoPoint) that were added to a OSMDroid_PathOverlay. It isn't really a problem as I can run a parallel list or array, but it seems strange. Am I overlooking something? RBS