1. B

    B4J Question Detect only Pane node in the form

    I need a metod to detect only the Pane node present in the in the form Actually i use the following metod: I have a form with 4 pane, all are not visible unless i select the one i want to use in the menubar. Each Pane tag are set "pnl" + pane name, tha's the same item name use in the menubar...
  2. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question [RESOLVED] Remove top of the panel edge

    Hello everyone! how can I make a border on a panel and then remove a top part of the border to put a label with a transparent background. note that the background color of the panel is transparent. I need the background to be transparent because there are screens for apps that contain gradients.
  3. Pedro Caldeira

    B4J Question new Application

    Hello folks, I am going to write a new application and want your opinions as to the best way to approach this. Its going to be Linux App, probably to run in an Raspberry PI, or small pc. desired Features: connection to External GPS for better accurary display of own coordinates on some kind of...