1. R

    Android Question Parsing .csv file

    I am dealing with large and often misformed .csv files and StringUtils.LoadCSV is not flexible enough to cope with all these, so wrote a parsing function in B4A, having the same output (list holding 1D string arrays). This seems to work all fine, but it is about 3-4x slower that...
  2. J

    Android Question B4x Best Practice for downloading and parsing Objects

    This is a generic question about the responsibility of a class in downloading and parsing it's own members and if this is considered good practice. I have a now large program that downloads multiple objects from the internet and saves them into lists I am trying to keep my main class as "clean"...

    Android Question [solved] JSON encoding

    Hello, Please, i have a Json provided from an external DB Table like that : [{"Id":"1","Libelle":"CONFORT ET BIEN-ÊTRE","PictureId":"2428"}, {"Id":"14","Libelle":"AIDES...
  4. E

    Bug? Error parsing string "-0" to float

    This code (2 lines of diagnosis hacks + 1 original problem line): Dim TempString As String = lblReading.Text Log("len = " & TempString.Length & ", str = [" & TempString & "] isnum = " & IsNumber(TempString)) Dim CurrentReading As Float = TempString '''lblReading.Text is producing...
  5. A

    Android Question Back4app Parse server authentication

    Hi I decided to use Back4app Parse server for my project as a backend. I wonder did someone try to communicate with parse server and how? Since the only Parse library I found here is outdated, and I am not very skilled programmer :), I decided that CURL is the best (i.e. easiest ;) ) way to...
  6. carlos7000

    Spanish Parseador Json.

    Hola a todos. ¿Alguien sabe como desarrollar un Parser en B4a (parseador/analizador gramatical) para Json en B4a? A pesar de todos mis esfuerzos, json siempre me da muchos quebraderos de cabeza. Pero encontré hace un tiempo esta página la cual permite...
  7. R

    Android Question Error when parsing an xml file

    I have an xml file that I receive from a webservuce. But when I run xml2 "PamaprsedData", I get an error and it crashes. Here is the XML. Any and all help is appreciated.