1. SimonAndroid

    Wish Copy/Paste Multiple in the IDE

    Also using other programming environments one thing that I found very useful is to be able to store clip-boards on the editing environment, basically store up to a certain number of blocks e.g. from 1 to 9, which contain pieces of code. Today programming is becoming a copy / paste and this...

    Wish Past format

    Hello, I dont know if it would be usefull , or if that already exists but that i have not see With the designer tool, when a complicated layout creation i would get the "Past Format" button for copying the settings on all selected views (with same type) ? have a good week Regards
  3. wizard699

    Bug? Cursor in strange position on Paste

    Good evening Erel. I wanted to report an annoying bug, stupid. When you paste content into the code (CTRL+V), it is expected that the cursor is at the end of the pasted code ... instead, often and willingly, the cursor is positioned in the middle ... or on the first line. Did they ever mention...