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  1. M

    Android Question PDFium - Pdfview2 doubt

    I have B4A V9 and downloaded the library above from github. What folder do I have to place the library ? Tks
  2. jahswant

    Share My Creation [B4X]237Pos-B4XPages CrossPlatform Point Of Sale(Android,iOS And Desktop).

    OUR 237Pos App is Upgraded to B4X and 2 new Versions (B4i,B4J) adding the capability of Holding Sales. 237POS Cross Platform Point Of Sale Application built with B4X tools that will run on Desktops(Windows,macOS,Linux) Android Tablets And iPads. Customizations And Full Source Codes Available...
  3. knutf

    Share My Creation PDFBoxWrapper Class Module - show PDF-document in B4J

    PDFBoxWrapper is a Class Module that use PDFBox to view PDF-documents. The PDFBoxWrapper Class module need a Pane and a layout to show the PDF-document in the Pane. The Pane and the name of the layout must be specified as parameters to the initialize routine of the class. The layout must...
  4. Tayfur

    B4J Library [B4X] jPDFviewer

    I would recommend PDFBox class an alternative. İts does not need jetty server. its more clear. @knutf released new wrapper class for PDFBox from Apache. Thank you @knutf gerat work...