1. W

    Android Question storage notification permission

    canvas.Bitmap.WriteToStream(File.OpenOutput(File.DirRootExternal, "Bykus.jpg", False), 100, "JPEG") I can save my picture with the code I use. But if I give storage permission from the settings. If I don't, the application closes. Resimdeki gibi uygulamam başladığında depolama izin nasıl...
  2. captain hawak

    Android Question permission if deny by user

    hi i need if user click deny permission app loop ask permission but this code only from with first requset worked and after user click deny no work and just log >> sending message to waiting queue (activity_permissionresult) If p.Check(p.PERMISSION_READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) And...
  3. Programing Center

    Android Question Installer intent

    Hi All. I want to show the installation file of the application file in the internal folder of my application to the user. In the market where I want to publish the application, I have a problem with the following access AddPermission(android.permission.REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES) For a way I want...