1. Mashiane

    Games [BANanoPhaser 0.2+] Exploring tweening with a coin catcher

    Ola Download Welcome to game 4. The purpose of this game is to explore more game tricks. For example. 1. Instead of adding a collision detector, we return the result of physics.overlap, a boolean. 2. We have removed gravity on the game configuration. This enables us to have the elements...
  2. Mashiane

    Games [BANanoPhaser] Let's create a Star Catcher Game

    Ola UPDATE: 2019-11-20 Complete Rewrite You can also checkout BreakOut here, created with BANanoPhaser also. With this game we will have our alien who will collect stars and dodge some bombs. We will be able to make him jump and run. We will just create a simple level here. This was featured...
  3. Mashiane

    Games [BANanoPhaser] Basic Phaser Games Development with BANano

    Ola Download BANanoPhaser Phaser is a popular game framework that enables one to quickly build games for the web. To do this we will make some assumptions 1. You are comfortable with JavaScript 2. You are comfortable with BANano esp BANanoObject class. Related Threads Star Catcher - game...
  4. Mashiane

    Games Star Catcher - Collect stars and dodge some bombs! 180 lines of code

    Ola This was an experiment when I was taking a break from other things.. How the game works. 1. You are the alien and you collect the stars. Once finished you get to the next level - hypothetically. 2. In the next level 2 things happen, your lives are increased... wait for it.. Until, you...