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  1. M

    Android Question Open PhoneDialer without calling it

    Hi to all! I want to open phone dialer but without calling the phone number with this code i found on this forum: Sub DialNumber(PhoneNum As String) Dim PC As PhoneCalls Dim RP As RuntimePermissions Dim CallReason As String = "In order for this program to dial phone numbers, your...
  2. I

    Android Question Check if a phone call is in progress?

    I am working on an app that is required to vibrate when an incoming phone call comes. I detected incoming call using PhoneEvents_PhoneStateChanged function, checking it's STATE=RINGING. I can vibrate the device with PhoneVibrate as well. But I want to make sure I don't vibrate on an incoming...
  3. A

    Android Question Add phone number to blocked phone numbers

    Hello, Does anybody know how (if it's possible) to add a phone number to the blocked phone numbers list of the device? Thanks in advance
  4. A

    Android Question dismiss a phone call by phone number

    Hello, I wanted to create an app that dismisses an incoming phone call by filtering the phone number. (for example, if the phone number contains "054742", the app will automatically dismiss it. I looked out the "PhoneStateChanged" event but didn't know if I can get the phone number of the...
  5. peacemaker

    Android Code Snippet PhoneStateChanged sample: all possible calling states

    I have reworked my old code sample basing on StackOverflow example code: Depends on: Phone lib DO not forget at an activity to request PERMISSION_READ_PHONE_STATE.
  6. R

    Android Question Male Call with speaker on

    hello i tried to run this solution ( i red the other posts on it) my app is making a call . when i run on debug and add break point it work. but when i run it in full mode the speaker not open. Dim ctxt As JavaObject ctxt.InitializeContext Dim audioManager As JavaObject =...