1. phowarso

    Android Question PhoneCalls is not work

    I ran my project in V 9.8. PhoneCalls was not worked properly. I declared "AddPermission(android.permission.CALL_PHONE)" in Manifest file. I used not only "Intent" but also "PhoneCalls". Both was not worked properly. When I clicked on "imvPhone" (imageView), the app run out on the running. I...
  2. Sgardy

    Android Question PhoneCalls doesn't works anymore

    I use Dim pc as PhoneCalls Dim number as String number = "22334455" 'Just an invented number StartActivity(pc.Call(number)) My app crashes in all my devices, maybe the cause are new Android restrictions? It would be enaugh for me to open the system dialer with the number ready. Any suggestion? TNX
  3. A

    Android Question Detect when other side answer phone call

    Hello, Is there a way to decect (on a phone call that the user initiaded) when the other side of the phone call answer the call? Thanks in advance.
  4. A

    Android Question Answer a call

    Hi, Does someone knows how can my app to be opened automaticly when there is incomming call? And also if the app can answer the call and let the user talk? Thanks!
  5. S

    Android Question Phonecalls over SIP(?) and Direct Wifi!

    I want to talk between two mobile phones (over SIP) out in the nowhere (where I cant use normal phone call) with bluetooth headset and Direct Wifi (hopefully over 100meters) between two or more phones! I cant understand why its so complicated! OK I don't need SIP but full duplex without click...