1. M

    B4A Library Pitchdetection

    Hey everyone, I would like to share this new library. This library is based upon the pitchdetection from the TarsosDSP library(https://github.com/JorenSix/TarsosDSP). The wrapper has been been made by @somed3v3loper , many thanks to him !! This library has just one function and that is to do...
  2. Danamo

    Android Code Snippet Change Pitch of Wave File Playback using SoundPool

    Sub Process_Globals 'Requires Audio library Private Pool As SoundPool End Sub Sub PlayRecording Dim ret As Int 'Used in call to Pool.Play. ret = 0 if error occurs Dim PoolID As Int 'Identifies the Pool number when a sound file is loaded Dim SourceDir As String =...