1. igpf

    Android Question b4a encryption / pkcs7 16bit keyblock

    hi, not sure where to post this question. but i'm trying to "AES/CBC/PKCS7Padding" signature with 16 bit block, it has to be specific, i've been looking at all the forums, but just don't seem to make it happen. obviously, i'm new to encryption methods, not to b4a. i'm trying to connect to a...
  2. avalle

    B4J Question Create a CMS/PKCS#7 digital signature using Bouncy Castle

    I need to create a server application that generates CMS or PKCS#7 digital signatures. Using the Bouncy Castle library would help as it has all the required functions. However I have no idea on how to write a wrapper to use it and all the libraries I've seen here using BC were focused on...