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  1. FPGdevs

    Android Question Play Games services available for a non-game app?

    Is there a way I can implement google play games achievements and leaderboard into an app that is listed on the play store as an "app" and not as a game? In the play console, play games services are visible to me only when I set the app's type to game.
  2. Dave O

    Android Question code obfuscation - mapping file for Google Play listing?

    In this post about obfuscating code, a mapping file is mentioned. However, the Google Play console doesn't seem to accept it as a valid mapping file to upload, which makes my obfuscated app's stack traces (from the Google console) harder to understand. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.
  3. MARCO C.

    Italian Google Play Console : Inserimento Apk x tester

    Buongiorno , sto cercando per la prima volta l'inserimento di un Apk sullo Play Store in modalità tester . Al momento di analisi del file , mi segnala questo anomalia che non mi consente di procedere in modalità Tester ... Alpha .. Beta ... gruppi chiusi .... NULLA DA FARE...