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  1. ibkme

    Android Question how to mute ads on my app using this code from google [MobileAds.setAppMuted(true);] ??

    Hello, I want a way to mute Admob ads, ((Video reward ads, and Interstitial ads...etc)) on my app. I read this topic from Google: , but I don't know how to integrate this code into my own application using Android Studio. Is there...
  2. MitchBu

    Android Question How to get the search terms for my app in the Play Store ?

    I looked everywhere in the Play Store console, but could not locate any way to get the search terms used for my app. What is the procedure, if that is at all possible ? TIA
  3. MitchBu

    Overpass channel on Youtube

    I just watched this video on Youtube: The guy talks about how to rank an app on Google Play Store for different keywords. He has dozens of other videos about apps in the Play Store, as well as in the iOS App Store. I subscribed to his channel. It is rare to see someone share so much tips...
  4. Martin Larsen

    Is Google really that stupid?

    I have made an app for the Danish Cat Protection Society that is currently only in internal testing. The app is used for: - Keeping a record of your cats including age, picture, chip number and the vet's phone number etc - Finding the nearest vet - Adoption of cats - Information on how to deal...
  5. Martin Larsen

    Android Question Android Internal Testing

    I am preparing the first version of my app on Google Play which is an internal test version. I have filled in all the appropriate fields and successfully rolled out the release. Also added four testers, including myself. I have enabled internal app sharing by tapping the play store version 7...
  6. Martin Larsen

    Android Question Google Play presence and package name

    I am about to publish my first app. In what name do you present your app on Google Play? As yourself or in the client's name? That applies to the package name as well. Do you use tld.yourcompany.appname or tld.clientname.appname?
  7. A

    Android Question Warning while submitting an update

    Hello, I've just added Firebase Notifications to my app with ready to run sdk . when trying to publish the update at the Google play console, this warning had shown: You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle that uses Google Play services version 12451000. This will only work with Android API...
  8. Scotter

    Android Question Google dinged my app for accessibility

    Hi - I've published my first app on the Google Play Store; Play to Evolve (a card game). Well... it seems to be semi-published. Like I can't find it searching the store but I do have a link given to me by Google in the Developer Panel. One issue is that they haven't approved my "identity" and...
  9. I

    Android Question In-App billing fails occassionally

    I am using InAppBilling3 (1.31) in an app of mine. I have about 14000 active users, out of which I have received emails from maybe 40-50 users saying they can't upgrade. Apparently when they click upgrade button, the popup from Play Store won't appear. Here is the code for upgrade button. If...