1. Syd Wright

    Android Question Use BitmapCreator to draw Polygon

    Is there a way to draw Polygons by using BitMapCreator? I am looking for a feature like: Dim BC as BitmapCreator BC.drawpoly((Array X1,Y1,X2,Y2,X3,Y3...etc), Linethickness(dip), Colour(RGB), Fill Polygon (true/false)) Obviously, the routine should preferably be as fast as possible.
  2. R

    Android Question point in polygon with spatialite

    Running this SQL in the spatialite gui application: SELECT ID FROM P_POINTS WHERE Within(GEOMETRY, polygonfromtext('POLYGON(-2.165476 52.604321, -2.167375 52.606777, -2.16444 52.606914, -2.163287 52.604595, -2.165476 52.604321)', 4326)) = 1 Geometry is the column in P_POINTS holding lat/lon...