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    Android Question [SOLVED] I need a GIS developer!

    (sorry for my english, it's just google translate) Hi! I hope I am not breaking any forum rules with this post. I require a developer to make an app that allows drawing georeferenced polygons, that is, that the app shows a georeferenced photograph (the orthophotos already exist) and several...
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    Spanish [SOLUCIONADO] Requiero un desarrollador GIS!

    Hola! Espero no estar rompiendo alguna regla del foro con este post. Requiero un desarrollador que haga una app que permita dibujar polígonos georreferenciados, es decir, que la app muestre una fotografía georreferenciada (ya se tienen las ortofotos) y sobre ella se dibuje (punto a punto)...
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    Android Question point in polygon with spatialite

    Running this SQL in the spatialite gui application: SELECT ID FROM P_POINTS WHERE Within(GEOMETRY, polygonfromtext('POLYGON(-2.165476 52.604321, -2.167375 52.606777, -2.16444 52.606914, -2.163287 52.604595, -2.165476 52.604321)', 4326)) = 1 Geometry is the column in P_POINTS holding lat/lon...