1. carlos7000

    Wish Improved Project Structure for Enhanced Portability

    I would like to suggest the creation of two folders within the project structure: one called "Libraries" and another called "Additional Files". In the "Libraries" folder, B4A should automatically copy each library used in the project, while the "Additional Files" folder should contain all the...
  2. B

    Android Question Need avdice to develope for Android and iOS

    Hello everyone, A customer ask me to develope an app that allowd the user to comunicate with a server online. Nothing so special, just read n write some record in a few table. The problem it's the app need to run on android and ios, so i dont't know if it's easy to develope with B4X libraries in...
  3. didimo73

    Android Question Converting B4A project to B4i

    Hi, I bought both B4A Enterprise and B4i Enterprise + Hosted Builder. I would like to publish the same app on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. So I need to have two versions of the same app: one for Android and one for iOS. I have already developed the Androind version using...