1. Claude Obiri Amadu

    Android Code Snippet Student Position Ranking

    Hello everyone and Happy Holidays So I was searching the community for a snippet for student ranking for a system I was building last month but never came accross a what I needed. I found a JavaScript on stackoverflow and re-wrote it in b4x So I'm sharing for future/existing members who may need...
  2. appie21

    iOS Question Webview refresh with a timer

    Hello I have a webview that i give a refresh every 10 seconds When a user is on that page and it is scrolling down all work well But when the timer activates the page will reload but starts at the top of the page how can i set it that when a page reload the page stay on his position? Or is...
  3. M

    Android Question customlistview

    hi!, its possible to navigate thru the items (one by one) in a customlistview with a keybord (arrows) and highlight the actual position?
  4. rleiman

    Android Question Number of hours east or west of Greenwich England

    Hi Everyone, Is there a way using B4A to find out how many hours east or west of greenwich England i'm at based on the phone's GPS position? For example: Boston is 5 hours west. Thanks.
  5. Rob Bliss

    Android Question Restore Indexed Table

    Is there a way to restore an indexed table to the last state, for example on screen rotation. From what I can tell, it happens on activity_resume, however if activity_create is called, then it overrides it. Alternatively, is there a way to get the index of the item at the top of the screen in...