1. M

    Android Question [SOLVED] PostString and PostBytes don't return the "+" sending Blob

    Hi. Sorry for my english I'm trying to send a Blob to MySQL, and StringUtils.EncodeBase64(The_Blob) retruns a string with lots of "+", for then sending that to the PHP method and use base64_decode() and do an SQL Insert... Of course it's not working beacuase the lost "+" Dim cadena As String...
  2. MarkusR

    B4J Question [solved] jServer receive bytes() from client?

    hello, i will send bytes from a client app to my server but at receive i got error unknown compression method Obj = ser.ConvertBytesToObject(buffer) Client: Sub Save(Item As SinglePassword) Dim Data() As Byte Dim ser As B4XSerializator Data =...