1. masmukti

    B4J Question Multipart Form-Data

    Hi... I am trying to send file using Post Form-Data to b4j Server, I am using postman to try it, if the file larger than about 85KB, its work, but under 85KB its not work, I am using java 8 and B4J 8, any ideas? Thanks

    Android Question PostMultipart for Images + strings for classic ASP api

    Hello, Im using PostMultipart for sending Images files and parameters strings to a server, but i have nothing into the post responses , no images, either strings? - is it depreciated like seen here :, and another...
  3. D

    Android Question Upload text file with OkHttpUtils2

    After successfully figuring out (with assistance here) how to download an .mp3 file from the internet, I am trying upload a .txt file to the internet. The libraries I have installed are: Core (v 8.30), OkHttp (v 1.2), RuntimePermissions (v 1.1), and StringUtils (v 1.12) I also have HttpJob and...