1. Chris Guanzon

    B4J Question [server] How to handle postmultipart

    Hello, everyone! Please help me. How can I handle a postmultipart in JServer? I have a client using httpjob postmultipart. Libraries.httpJob.PostMultipart(Variables.URL & path, CreateMap("key1": "values1", "key2": "values2"), Null) I tried using getMultipartData and this is what I got...
  2. M

    iOS Question [SOLVED] send album image

    Hello everyone, how can i be uploading an iphone album file to upload via j.PostMultipart? Sub InitCamera cam.Initialize("cam", B4XPages.GetNativeParent(Me)) End Sub Sub btnChoosePicture_Click InitCamera cam.SelectFromSavedPhotos(Sender, cam.TYPE_IMAGE) End Sub I use this...
  3. W

    Android Code Snippet Conversion from CUrl to B4A

    It is quite convenient to upload images to public cloud server and share the image link to other people rather than share the real image files directly! The following code snippets showed how to upload and search images by CUrl command (provided by: and by B4A syntax...
  4. masmukti

    B4J Question Multipart Form-Data

    Hi... I am trying to send file using Post Form-Data to b4j Server, I am using postman to try it, if the file larger than about 85KB, its work, but under 85KB its not work, I am using java 8 and B4J 8, any ideas? Thanks

    Android Question PostMultipart for Images + strings for classic ASP api

    Hello, Im using PostMultipart for sending Images files and parameters strings to a server, but i have nothing into the post responses , no images, either strings? - is it depreciated like seen here :, and another...
  6. D

    Android Question Upload text file with OkHttpUtils2

    After successfully figuring out (with assistance here) how to download an .mp3 file from the internet, I am trying upload a .txt file to the internet. The libraries I have installed are: Core (v 8.30), OkHttp (v 1.2), RuntimePermissions (v 1.1), and StringUtils (v 1.12) I also have HttpJob and...