power point

  1. jkhazraji

    B4J Library A library to create Powerpoint Presentations

    This library creates powerpoint presentation files by handling a Javascript file or text set in the properties. It depends on PptxGenJS. Example of script to generate one-slide file with text : var pptx = new PptxGenJS(); var slide = pptx.addSlide(); slide.addText("Hello", { x: 0.5, y: 0.7, w...
  2. FrostCodes

    Share My Creation Free Bio-Registration Form Design/mockup

    I created and designed it with powerpoint 100%. Usually i make use of Figma but today i decided to make something different that the community can actually use easily and turn into real design in B4J. I might consider later uploading the B4J design which i haven't had time to convert into yet...