1. rgarnett1955

    Android Code Snippet Tip: B4a SQLite Database Potholes - WAL File Checkpoint

    Hi B4X'ers I just thought I'd post this tip to warn of a problem I came across when using an sqLite data base created and populated using sqLite Studio. The steps I used were. Created an sqLite db using sqLite Studio on Win 10 pc Set the DB to use the Write Ahead Log journal method (WAL File)...
  2. peacemaker

    Android Code Snippet Clean SQLite database, if it grows much

    Long working apps have DB that grows and grows. It must be controlled, when records qty is very big, and most old data should be deleted: Sub Clean_SQL(tables() As String) As Boolean 'Starter.SQL is already open Dim TotalRecordsLimit As Int = 20000 'set yourself according to the...