1. magicmars

    Android Question Dynamically disable/enable option(s) in PreferenceActivity Screen

    Hi ! I use native B4A PreferenceActivity library version 1.01. I search the forum but I didn't find any question similar to this one: I want that... if I check option 1, it uncheck automatically options 2 if checked, and disable it dynamically (whatever checked or not..) After that, staying...
  2. Jamie8763

    Android Question [UnSolved] Adjust Margin/Padding in Preference?

    Hi All, I'm using the preference library and since updating the android sdk 28 i now have a margin when i open the preference activity padding or icon issue? Ive redownloaded the sdk into a fresh folder and still the same results...
  3. R

    Android Question App settings advice

    Developing a simple database app in B4A. Currently I handle application settings with File.ReadMap and File.WriteMap etc. and this seems to work well. What are the benefits of using instead the PreferenceActivity or AHPreferenceActivity libraries? RBS