1. daniel69

    Bug? PreferenceManager (version 1.01) is not working properly on Android 11

    With Android 11 on many devices the preference manager is not displaying any setting (apparently without generating any user visible error)... any suggestion or ideas?
  2. magicmars

    Android Question Dynamically disable/enable option(s) in PreferenceActivity Screen

    Hi ! I use native B4A PreferenceActivity library version 1.01. I search the forum but I didn't find any question similar to this one: I want that... if I check option 1, it uncheck automatically options 2 if checked, and disable it dynamically (whatever checked or not..) After that, staying...
  3. monic

    Android Question [UnSolved] Adjust Margin/Padding in Preference?

    Hi All, I'm using the preference library and since updating the android sdk 28 i now have a margin when i open the preference activity padding or icon issue? Ive redownloaded the sdk into a fresh folder and still the same results...
  4. R

    Android Question App settings advice

    Developing a simple database app in B4A. Currently I handle application settings with File.ReadMap and File.WriteMap etc. and this seems to work well. What are the benefits of using instead the PreferenceActivity or AHPreferenceActivity libraries? RBS