1. PSEAD

    Wish Prefix mode

    Sending serial data from a micro or on a serial port, there would be problems using prefix mode if the device didn't receive the first part of the message. (The micro may be streaming before the app starts) Is it possible to add in a SOB (start of block - 02) or other char into the prefix to...
  2. MarkusR

    Wish Class Names

    i would like to use this without the B4X prefix always. B4XCollections, B4XFormatter, B4XTable something like using B4X dim c as Collections <- less code and better readable, better code completion at input dim f as Formatter or dim c as B4X.Collections
  3. johnf2013

    Android Question SOLVED BT, AsyncStreams, and asymmetric prefix mode

    I have an app that is to communicate with an STM32 sending short, usually single byte, commands and receiving large packets of sensor data over BT, frequently (50Hz or so). The app and the firmware are both written and run happily in simulation mode. They are just waiting for me to finish the...
  4. johnf2013

    Android Code Snippet Send structure from C++ to B4X in prefix mode

    I needed to send a structure from an STM32 running an Arduino core to an Android device using Async Streams in prefix mode over Bluetooth. This snippet should work with the 8 bitters too. Seems to work for me. Better programmers than me are sure to find holes in it so I am waiting to learn...