1. epiCode

    Android Question b4xview rounded corners

    I have changed my labels to b4xview for compatibility with b4j and b4i, some of the code used label.background = colordrawable. However b4xview has only color attribute (which only changes background color). I need colordrawable since it also makes the label have rounded corners. How can I...
  2. janderkan

    iOS Question How to close PreferenceDialog programmatically

    Hi I use B4XPages and in 1 page I open a PreferenceDialog Wait For (prefdialog.ShowDialog(prefMap, Main.Loc.Localize("txt_save"), Main.Loc.Localize("txt_cancel"))) Complete (Result As Int) Based on an event I close the page, but next time I open the page, the PreferenceDialog is still there...
  3. M

    iOS Question Open Localization Services Setting programmatically

    Hi everyone, how can I open the localization services settings page? or better, open directly the section relevant to one of that apps? it is possibile? I already tried out this: App.OpenURL("app-settings:") But will open only the main page of the settings app Thanks in advance
  4. A

    Android Question Control Programmatically Added Labels

    Hi! I have some labels added to a scrollview programmatically. User determines the amount of labels. I named them lbl1. I need the whole lbl1 of each labels. But the last one is just have lbl1 as its name.
  5. mare1980k1

    Android Question Vertical alignment align of text in a label - programmatically

    Hi, I am declaring a label as such: Dim TextTrending As Label TextTrending.Initialize("TextTrending") TextTrending.Text = "Trending" TextTrending.Padding = Array As Int (0dip, 0dip, 0dip, 0dip) TextTrending.Gravity = Gravity.TOP I would like to align text to the top programmatically in the...
  6. M

    Android Question TabstripViewPager Properties by code

    Hi everyone, i would like to use the TabstripViewPager and i need to change classic properties by code, like "visible", "height", "width", "setAnimatedLayout" etc.. but if i write TabstripViewPager. nothing shows up after the dots excepts for: CurrentPage, DesignerCreateView, LoadLayout and...
  7. M

    iOS Question Ask for enable gps / localization

    Hi, i took a look to this example. In case the user manually disable the location option, how can I show again the msgbox to ask to enable it by code? Maybe to put in the "LocManager_AuthorizationStatusChanged" event
  8. LucaMs

    Android Code Snippet How to add Custom Views programmatically

    Sub Name: !!! Description: Allows you to add Custom Views programmatically (by code) Author: @Erel Sub SpecialSubThatCreatesACustomViewProgrammatically (Parent As Panel, Left As Int, Top As Int, Width As Int, Height As Int)...