1. J

    Android Question Spen inputs to mouse inputs

    Hi, So a little backstory- i bought tab s8 for work (im grading and annotating med scans) but it turns out that the website apps, where I do my work, don't recognize Spen inputs, only mouse. So i bought bluetooth mouse an it works just fine but i want to use my pen to annotate and paint. My...
  2. mzsoft

    Wish program button for b4r ide

    i want to program hex to 10 board and now i must click on run and compile software every time and it take 1 minutes . i wish b4r have a button to just program to boards not compile again. thanks
  3. M

    Android Question UI/UX design

    How can I make a < degree volume > like the image in the following link in my Android application. I am beginner to Android programming ,and I've just used default object like button in B4A and Android studio. i do not know how to design such degree volume. Can anyone introduce a way to design...