1. Sepehr-b

    Android Question Cancelling ProgressDialogShow2

    Hi, How can I handle pressing back when the ProgressDialogShow2("Some text",True) is shown? in the example below, I want to change it to : ProgressDialogShow2("Downloading...", true) and find a way to cancel the http job process if the user presses cancel or back key. Any more help or...
  2. Lucas Siqueira

    Android Question B4XLoadingIndicator pause , ProgressDialogShow don't pause

    Why when I use B4XLoadingIndicator it gets stuck when I query SQLite, or even I run a For i = 1 To 10000 ProgressDialogShow("Progress") does not crash. Is there any way to improve the B4XLoadingIndicator code so that it doesn't crash? Sub Class_Globals Private Root As B4XView...