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    iOS Question Provision profile and certificate do not match

    Hi I'm getting this error I attempted to remake the certificates and provision files but I still get this error when I try to compile any suggestions. Preparing the project for the builder. Error Provision profile and certificate do not match
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    Android Question LPA managing application

    Hi, I'm currently trying to develop an android application to manage eSIM profiles including functions to download, enable, disable, delete profile. However at the current stage, I'm unable to even hit the LPA code while attempting to download the profile from a hardcoded LPA string within the...
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    iOS Question Certificates and provision profiles files on a new computer

    Hi all. I'm going to by the new computer and I have a question. I created the Certificate and the provision profiles files that are currently in use - so far so good. But my computer has died. I have a copy of Key folder on my Google drive. Do I need to copy them as is on a new computer or...