public and private

  1. Sandman

    Wish [SOLVED] Only expose some classes in b4xlibs when using the library

    Let's say I have a b4xlib made out of ten classes. Only one or two of these are meant to be exposed in the code completion in the IDE, the rest nine classes are all internal to the lib. It sure would be nice to have a way to specify this somehow. To be constructive, here are the three ways I...
  2. craigc

    Android Question Private - Why?

    I am very, very, new to B4X - working on my first non-tutorial application. My programming knowledge is PHP and some Basic a long time ago. I do not know Java. I have searched books, the booklets, the Forum, Google search. I might have missed it but, I have not seen this explained anywhere...
  3. maxh2815

    Android Question Should I use Dim or Public and Private?

    If I understand correctly, variables in Process_Globals and Globals should be declared with either Public or Private. However, if I was to declare a variable in a regular sub, should I use those modifiers or should I be using Dim? Is there an actual difference or is it just a personal...