1. Mrphone

    Android Question Blocked by Play Protect

    hi guys :) When installing the program, I get the error "Blocked by Play Protect" which is from Google Play ... I know this error is related to the signing key, but I use my signing key. Previously, everything was fine until I deleted my key signing key and then every key I made would get an...
  2. sentechnologies

    iOS Question Publishing to AppStore

    I'm new to ios development, i request anyone to provide step by step procedure how to create necessary certificate , identifiers, devices, profiles after developer account activated. and also i want to know where and how to use those certificate, profiles in b4i project (local mac...
  3. Unobtainius

    Android Question App Not Installed

    I think I am missing an underlying base name for the application somewhere? I can create an app and install it ok. But if I create another app and try an install it I get App not installed. This happens for every new app I create, even if I use a new keystore for each one. The only way I have...