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    Android Question [Solved] B4AFluidSlider modify steps of values

    Hi Community, I just bought B4A today and already wrote my first program. In that program i am using B4AFluidSlider to select values between 25 and 500. Basically I would need the values to change in steps of 25, as selecting the detailed value one by one stepwidth is very hard to do. I always...
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    Android Question Custom List View how to Extract Edit.text Data?

    I have this Block of code Sub Find_items_customLSTview Dim i As Int Dim iv As ItemValue= CustomListViewPRODUTOSESCALONADOS.GetValue(i) Dim qtdeItems As Int For i=0 To CustomListViewPRODUTOSESCALONADOS.Size -1 qtdeItems = EditTextQTDECustomListView.Text...