1. amorosik

    B4J Question Windows ram problem with B4J mqtt client

    I have a program, made with B4J (ver. 8.50) which is active 24 hours a day on Windows 10 professional pc This program connects with a mqtt broker, Mosquitto, to 'read' the commands that some phones send, commands that must be executed on the pc The program works correctly, but using the Windows...
  2. kolbe

    Bug? Memory leak with FileSytem?

    On the ESP32 the following code increases allocated RAM about 500 bytes each iteration until it runs out of RAM. Am I missing something? SKIP_B4RNEW doesn't make a difference. Library version is 1.10. #Region Project Attributes #AutoFlushLogs: True #CheckArrayBounds: True...
  3. MegatenFreak

    B4J Question Gradual increase in RAM usage (up to 1GB)??

    Hello. I have this strange issue with B4J. Early on when I'm working with it, the RAM usage is around 160MB, which is totally fine. But gradually that amount increases. After a short while to 250, then 300, etc. When I come back to continue my work after several hours, the usage goes above 500...
  4. Duque

    Spanish Obtener Tamaño de RAM

    Hola amigos. Hay alguna manera de saber el tamaño de la memoria RAM del dispositivo donde instalen mi app. Esto con el fin de que si un usuario intenta usar la app en un dispositivo con menos de 1GB de RAM le rebote un mensaje sobre el rendimiento que tendrá.