raspberry pi auto load

  1. rleiman

    Android Question Autoloading an app and bring it up on the screen automatically upon boot up

    Greetings everyone, We have the LineageOS KonstaKANG Android version 12 running on a Raspberry Pi and I developed a B4A app that displays a web site on the Raspberry Pi. The app works perfectly. It's kind of like a slide show that displays the web site and displays image files and cycles back...
  2. Noble

    B4J Question Remote RPi Survive Power Outage Reboot

    I have a couple RPi's running remotely. Seldom is there a reboot. When there is I have to reload the program using B4J. My question is How can I have the Raspberry Pi start with the bridge running and Load the last program that I loaded to it when it reboots. I have been using /etc/rc.local...