1. B

    Android Question RDC conector not take database specified in config.properties file

    Hi, I've running RDC server and works fine, but the test URL always shows this RemoteServer is running (10/25/2022 13:44:24) Error fetching connection. In config.properties file I've this config #DATABASE CONFIGURATION DriverClass=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver...
  2. Ryan Pigeon

    Android Question RDC FOR MS ACCESS FILE

    Hi. My requirement is access to a mdb file on the local network. Need to read & write data. Must be able to use an android app to do operations. Can any one help me? I really have tried to do it on my own based on the examples, but I am struggling. Any help will be sincerely appreciated...
  3. Mac Pepe

    B4J Question jdbc_driver Folder

    Hi! I'm trying to use SQLite as local / remote DB. I have successfully downloaded sqlite-jdbc-3.21.0.jar from the proper server: https://bitbucket.org/xerial/sqlite-jdbc/downloads/ Now arises the question: Where should I put the .jar file in order to get use of it? I haven't found the...
  4. Bladimir Silva Toro

    Spanish Saber si estoy conectado a la BD - RDC

    Hola colegas Buenos estoy realizando una aplicación en B4A, la aplicación se conecta por WIFI directamente a una Base de Datos SQL Server, ya realice este proceso y funciona bien, el cual explican aquí...