1. mcqueccu

    Android Question Scheduling a task with Receiver

    I can't seem to get this reminder code to work with the receiver module. With the example attached, it runs when the app is in the foreground, but when it is in the background it doesn't. Do I need to add 1. Intent code to manifest? 2. Add draw-over apps 3. Both? Hint: Goto the schedule...
  2. drgottjr

    Android Question Forever Widgets

    EDIT: don't bother with this thread. if i could delete it, i would. i was never able to ask the questions in a way that proved useful i recently updated my little home screen stock market widget app. i asked if there were any conflicts regarding using a timer to manually trigger a widget...
  3. H

    Android Question Is it possible to Cancel/Abort an Intent?

    I'm using Intent-Receiver to do a task every day at the same time. It work very well.(Thanks to Earl for putting me in right direction!) Now I'm considering that the user could want to disable this "alarm" if he need anymore. So which is the right way to abort/cancel the intent? my code is...