1. behnam_tr

    B4J Question Redirect Problem

    Hello I have a url that redirects to another address after loading(on normal browser like chrome,firefox,...) But it doesn't work in b4j I tested it with Webview and it didn't work. It can't be redirected to the new address Through the get method with okhttputils, I did not get the result...
  2. desarrollo arg

    Android Question redirect web page out of my application

    Hello, I have a webView and inside the page there is a link. When I click, the app redirects me within the same WebView and this brings an error. Can it be redirected to the device's browser?
  3. cklester

    B4J Question B4J Server Redirect After Registration Confirmation

    I've got users clicking a confirmation link from their email. I'm processing the click, but I want to send them to a Success or Fail page, depending on the result of the confirmation check. I've seen the SendRedirect, but I don't want to send a code 302. It should just be normal. For example...