1. O

    Android Question Can anyone explain why my code has this output?

    Hello, everyone, here's a code snippet that I failed to understand. I don't get why variable mylist still has access to the data of variable lst even if sub t1 is finished. Does this mean that the memory for and data of variable lst isn't released immediately after t1? '-------in main...
  2. D

    Android Question Passing a reference to an object

    Hi, Guys I am having a problem - I am using B4X pages and have setup an object to store information used by may classes and pages in my application. In the App this global object (with a public attribute) resides in the B4XMainPage, however when testing is can reside elsewhere. So I have...
  3. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Get the label from an TextItem of a CustomListView

    Hi everyone, it is possibile to get a reference of the label used for the "TextItem" of a CustomListView? i wish to change the backgroud color of the label, text size, round the corners etc.. I know that there is the .DesignerLabel method, but if i try to change color it does not work Thanks...
  4. OliverA

    B4J Question For Each/Next List of Maps and references. What am I misunderstanding?

    B4J Version: 7.51 OS Platfrom: Win10 Pro (1903) JDK: 11.0.1 downloaded from B4X's site Here's the setup. I'm creating a list of maps that contain x, y values (note: in my case, the map contains way more info, I'm just simplifying it here to show the issue I'm running into) Dim largestX As...