1. G

    Android Question Find out time of last rebooted of the device

    I need to know when the phone was restarted last time because then step count changes. Any chance to to get this?
  2. sdixon

    Android Question reset action_send intent

    I've been working on an application that uses intent to send information via Whatsapp, twitter, Facebook, etc. The problem I've run into is that the first time I run the app, I get a list of all the methods available to send information on my phone. The second time I use the app, I don't have...
  3. M

    iOS Question CustomListView loaded layout can't be modified by code

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to adapt an example of a chat layout (android reference by @Douglas Farias) I want to change the property (width, height, position) of a panel in a customlistview (loaded with loadlayout). If I go step by step with the Debugger it seems to work, but as soon as it go on...
  4. so27

    German Emulator zurücksetzen

    Hallo zusammen, weiß jemand, wie ich den Emulator zurücksetzen kann? Sobald ich ich einen Emulator lösche und wieder neu anlege, sind alle zuvor installierten Apps und Einstellungen wieder vorhanden.