1. FernandoGuedes

    Android Question Problems with decoding QRCodeReader v1.02

    Hello everybody. I've successfully used @Johan Schoeman excellent library for a while. But I'm having an unusual problem when trying to decode a QRCode in particular (This one is attached). The reading through the scanner is perfect and brings the information perfectly. But when I try to decode...
  2. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question Firesore Document Reference OnvalueSet onEvent

    HI, Not raised onValueSet or Onevent, with document reference, En release , generating this error: java.lang.Exception: Sub actualizausuariosgps_onvalueset signature does not match expected signature. at anywheresoftware.b4a.BA.raiseEvent2( at...
  3. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question FireStore Edit Field document

    Hi, I would need an example of the code to update the data of a field of a document, could you help me?
  4. gregorio_adrian_gimenez

    Android Question FireStore error Sub _onvalue was not found

    Hi! I was able to insert a record in the Firestore database. when you insert it, this error is generated and the program closes. It would seem that a function is raised but I do not know how to implement it. Error: java.lang.Exception: Sub _onvalue was not found. at...
  5. stingrae

    iOS Question Firebase causes a crash in iOS

    Hi all, I have Firebase messaging working perfectly on my Android, and am now trying to get it working in iOS. I've just gone through this tutorial and then tried to compile it, but it's giving me the error below. It seems...