1. labcold

    B4J Question MySQL retrieve attributes from ResultSet

    I am using mysql-connector-java-5.1.48-bin [B4J 8.90] to connect to a remote MySQL instance. I am using the REPLACE INTO command to update a table which works fine. I currently do this using Dim queryString As String = $"REPLACE INTO active VALUES...
  2. icefairy333

    B4J Code Snippet get col type exactly with dbutils(ResultSetMetaData)

    dbutils 'version 1.20 Sub Process_Globals Type dbOptret (success As Boolean,msg As String) Public conpool As ConnectionPool Private curDbType As Int=0 Public DB_REAL, DB_INTEGER, DB_BLOB, DB_TEXT As String DB_REAL = "REAL" DB_INTEGER = "INTEGER" DB_BLOB = "BLOB"...