resumable sub

  1. A

    Android Question MsgboxAsync in Resumable Sub

    Hi all I'm updating my app and replace all MsgBox that are depreciated to MsgBoxAsync. I have a problem because MsgBoxAsync is not modal anymore I have a code for example Private Sub ApplyServerResponse as Boolean Dim TransferResult as String TransferResult=GetParsedResultFromJSON ' Sub that...
  2. Myr0n

    Android Question (SOLVED) - Is it possible to return more than 1 value in Resumable Subs?

    Hi everybody Is it possible to return moren than 1 value in resumable subs like Dim SenderFilter As Object = sql.ExecQueryAsync("SQL", "SELECT * FROM table1", Null) Wait For (SenderFilter) SQL_QueryComplete (Success As Boolean, rs As ResultSet) '<=== like SQL_QueryComplete if yes, how can...
  3. DavideV

    Android Question ResumableSub into Starter Service crashes?

    [SOLVED] it was my mistake. the library Su was initialized under a conditional piece of code, so it was initialized only in some cases. Moved Su.initialize in a different place and it works in starter service without problems...