1. trejocode

    Android Question FOR (Loop) and Call a WebService | OkHttpUtils2

    Hello, I have a problem is that I do not understand at all how to "Block" an HTTP request because I use Wait For (Resumable). Look at the case: I select my items from my local database, and then I send the data to an API but they are not sent properly because, as it is a "non-blocking" event...
  2. Sandman

    Wish [B4X] Ensure ”sender” value is always returned in Libs to enable Resumable Subs

    This Wish springs from this topic: Not possible to use Wait For with OkHttpResponse.StreamFinish? It’s absolutely not the end of the world if I can’t always use Resumable Subs. That...
  3. Gentry

    Android Question Firebase Auth - With Resumable Sub

    I am trying to achieve an elegant Firebase authentication module that transparently re-authenticates and renews the Firebase Token after the initial authentication. If the re-authentication or the token renewal fails, then the module should display the login button and allow a fresh login...