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    Android Question Android ugly glitches (White screen before loading layout and more)

    Hi everyone, i'm completing an app, but i really wish to solve those problems that i always had in these years using B4A. Glitch 1: I'm in Activity "A", i press a button to go to Activity "B". Before showing the Activity "B" layout there is this ugly white screen in between, and then the layout...
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    iOS Question Get name of current page on Resume (Application_Active)

    Hi everyone, i was trying to replicate the Activity_Resume of B4A in iOS. There is the Application_Active, but the problem is that i need to do page related things. Example User opens the app on Page 0, then he go to Page1, then the user sends the app to background. Then he resume the app, so...

    Android Question Resumable sub

    Hello, Please, could you tell me why i receive that kind of symbol (like a refresh rotate arrow) added after the declare sub line: Sub ClvLanguage_ItemClick (Position As Int, CodeLang As Object)◄ Sub ClvLanguage_ItemClick (Position As Int, CodeLang As Object)◄ Dim xui As XUI Dim mess...