rfid reader

  1. I

    Library Wrapper (B4A & B4I)

    Hi All I am looking for someone to help wrap B4A & B4I libraries for an RFID reader. I will need a test project that shows the proper usage and execution sequence. You can do one or both. I am unable to post the details here as we are under NDA. If you are interested please let me know so...
  2. G

    Android Question Exception using JavaObject and AdditionalJar SDK

    Hello, I'be been trying to use the JavaObject to access a Java API for a rfid reader sdk. The fist code I tried is below : #Region Project Attributes #ApplicationLabel: Test RFID #VersionCode: 1 #VersionName: 'SupportedOrientations possible values: unspecified, landscape or...
  3. Johnson Samuel

    Android Question RFID reader blocking soft keyboard

    I have an RFID reader 13.56Mhz. I have made one simple test Application with two Edittext views, and a button view. The RFID reader is connected to the Android phone thru micro usb port. When I scan the card, the card ID is displayed on the First Edittext1 view. Then the Focus jumps to the...