1. F

    Android Question ROBOCOPY - Robust File Copy for Windows

    Hi guys I'm trying to compile my project but I keep getting this error i try changing the folder directory to C but I get the same error the file is been loaded using the B4A project file B4A Version: 12.80 Parsing code. (0.04s) Java Version: 14 Building folders structure. (0.05s)...
  2. alirezahassan

    Android Question Change icon with #

    Hi I want to change icon. I want to use this code #if Demo //change icon to demo icon #else if PRO //change icon to pro icon #end if Is it possible? Can I use robocopy with this case?
  3. alirezahassan

    Android Question Robocopy

    Hi, I want to copy a file to my project path when I run my project. My Folders: JsonFirebase B4a i want to copy google-services.json file from JsonFirebase Folder to Main Folder of my b4a Project it should be? #CustomBuildAction: folders ready...