1. alis1200

    Android Question Camera stream on RTMP protocol

    Hello To create a live stream, you need to transfer the content from a source such as a camera, screen or a file to the client device through one of the streaming protocols in the form of packets, in the client device with exactly the same protocol as the transfer operation was done with it, we...
  2. Waldemar Lima

    B4J Question [ Open Broadcaster Software ] is there any way to create an udp server to receive data from OBS ?

    Hello guys, I'm doing research on how to stream through OBS to an HTML 5 page with video.js, is there any way I can make a server to receive data from OBS using rtmp or udp for a server made in B4J? ?
  3. sentechnologies

    iOS Question SGPlayer Framework to play RTMP Streaming

    Please let me know how to implement SGPlayer framework to play RTMP. https://github.com/libobjc/SGPlayer
  4. sentechnologies

    iOS Question Play Streaming RTMP

    is it possible to develop RTMP or HLS streaming player app for iOS using B4i?
  5. sentechnologies

    B4J Question How to play a HLS or RTMP Streaming url in B4J

    i want to design an application for RaspberryPi to play HLS or RTMP Streaming videos in full screen. i don't know how to start it with B4J. Help me with sample code.