1. Waldemar Lima

    B4J Question [ Open Broadcaster Software ] is there any way to create an udp server to receive data from OBS ?

    Hello guys, I'm doing research on how to stream through OBS to an HTML 5 page with video.js, is there any way I can make a server to receive data from OBS using rtmp or udp for a server made in B4J? ?
  2. Yeskay

    iOS Question SGPlayer Framework to play RTMP Streaming

    Please let me know how to implement SGPlayer framework to play RTMP. https://github.com/libobjc/SGPlayer
  3. Yeskay

    iOS Question Play Streaming RTMP

    is it possible to develop RTMP or HLS streaming player app for iOS using B4i?
  4. Yeskay

    B4J Question How to play a HLS or RTMP Streaming url in B4J

    i want to design an application for RaspberryPi to play HLS or RTMP Streaming videos in full screen. i don't know how to start it with B4J. Help me with sample code.