1. Star-Dust

    B4J Video Conference / Video Streaming (RTSP H.264) / and webRTC

    This is my umpteenth videoconference production between two PCs. In the past I have tried streaming moving images in MPEG and streaming separate audio. It was running very slow and only suitable for local networks. Now I'm testing with H264 audio / video compression and the transmission is...
  2. M

    RTSP Player for b4i

    Hi, Someone can wrap rtsp player lib like SGPlayer,ijkplayer,... for b4i. ijkplayer SGPlayer kxmovie gst-player DFURTSPPlayer RTSPViewer ONVIFCamera or . . .
  3. M

    iOS Question RTSP Player

    Is there any way to play rtsp link in b4i?
  4. M

    Android Question rtsp stream h265

    hi all i want to stream camera in my app using rtsp im using RTSPVidePlayer and it works fine with h264 but when stream is in h265 nothing shows how can i stream h265 ?
  5. K

    Android Question Reliable RTSP client

    Hi, looking for an RTSP client and tried the 'Play RTSP easily' library, including the example that @darabon posted. The library more or less works, but it is very unstable. I do get very reasonable video on Android with acceptable lag, but whenever the RTSP server (in this case a Thermal...
  6. alis1200

    Android Question Camera stream on RTMP protocol

    Hello To create a live stream, you need to transfer the content from a source such as a camera, screen or a file to the client device through one of the streaming protocols in the form of packets, in the client device with exactly the same protocol as the transfer operation was done with it, we...
  7. ciprian

    Wish RTSP - ON-VIF - IP Camera

    I think i'm not the only one looking for a RTSP or ON-VIF IP Camera implementation with at least 5 images per second. Hope that someone will wrap such a library. Allready found some hints on github... but as a begginer, i don't have the knowledge to do it. Exemple...