runtime permissions on release

  1. E

    Android Question Runtime permission problem from SDK 19 to SDK 26

    Hi, I'm trying to publish an app on Google Play but I'm facing some problems and the app is not working. Until now the app was compiled using SDK19 and all was ok; then I switched to SDK26 to be compliant to Google needs but the app isn't working anymore. I'm using BLE, internet connection and...
  2. O

    Android Question App Abort Execution Library RuntimePermissions

    Good Nigth I have the following problem (B4A 8.30): My application aborts the execution when executing these statements in Release mode If rp.Check (rp.PERMISSION_WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) = False Then rp.CheckAndRequest (rp.PERMISSION_WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) End If If rp.Check...
  3. ilan

    Android Question Runtime permission Problem

    hi i have problems with Runtimepermission on B4A8+. when i check for the permission and also request it and the result was false the request is not done. the weird thing is that in DEBUG mode everything works fine but if i run it in release mode the check/request of the permission does only a...