1. M

    Android Question check runtime permission - how to determine if the user checked “Never ask again“

    If the user checks Never ask again however, the second dialog with the explanation shouldn't be shown, especially if the user already declined once before. Now the question is: how does my app know whether the user has checked the Never ask again? the Activity_PermissionResult doesn't give me...
  2. Sandman

    Wish Update RuntimePermissions with constant for ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION

    (Background post) It seems that we need to request permission ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION when we want to access background location. This constant isn't available in RuntimePermissions, would be nice if it could be added. Note: as one can see in the linked background post, I'm very unsure...
  3. D

    Android Question B4A v9.90 problem with Permissions/FusedLocationProvider

    Hi, Guys - Just downloaded B4A v9.90 and now I have a problem with some code that ran without problems on previous versions. Program hangs in the this code. Public Sub SelectCentre RestartDisplayNewLocationTimer If mLocator.IsInitialized Then ' Help to handle the bug #0180 Starting...
  4. Bogdan_Popa

    Bug? RuntimePermissions bug

    I've discovered the bug in B4A V9.50, after changeing the package name of my app. The issue is that the request window dose not apear, unlike on the previous versions of my app, compiled with older versions of B4A(eg V9.30). Permision request from "Main": Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As...
  5. DactilPlus

    Android Question Error when I use RuntimePermissions

    I have a app, running one year ago, but now I put targetSDKversion to 26. Now I need get permision for location (access_fine_location) with RuntimePermissions, but when I use this library it gives me this error with a lot of gmaps functions. objects Latlng, camperaposition ... B4A Versión...
  6. D

    Android Question RuntimePermissions: how to use, what to expect

    Having in the manifest file targetsdkversion=26, I am going to use RuntimePermissions that B4A has.... I have an activity and I want to have the "PERMISSION_READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" or any other dangerous permission just after activity loading, before user starts interaction with the activity. I...