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  1. Sandman

    Android Question [SOLVED] Sanity Check: OkHttp_ResponseError and StatusCode=200 at same time?

    I have a few users seeing a rare error that I have never seen myself when testing my app, so I'm working my way through the source to figure out what's happening. And now I have to ask a control question to the forum: In OkHttp, is it possible to enter ResponseError, and at the same time have...
  2. Sandman

    Android Question [SOLVED] NB6: Demo project doesn't play custom sound - should it?

    I've been working to get my app to use NB6, and have found something that surprise me. I can't really tell if this is meant to work or not, there are so many different ways of handling notifications now for Android. I just have to ask the forum for input on this one... I'm running Erels demo...